Houston Professional Headshots That Captivate/ Portraits of Character by Robert Berger

Houston Professional Headshots That Captivate/Portraits of Character 

 Have you ever dreamed of being on the cover of Forbes Magazine (Forbes magazine headshots not photographed by Robert Berger) with your professional executive business portrait? A glance at the cover will either attract interest in purchasing that issue or it will remain on the store shelf. Forbes highlights the most successful individuals in the world. Notice the character, strength and presence of each individual. How does your professional headshot, business headshot or executive portrait compare? 

An online magazine featured featured business executives along with their headshots  of venture-capital firms investing in the cannabis industry. Notice the variety of the  headshots and differences (headshots not photographed by Robert Berger)?          

Why should any professional settle for an ordinary generic headshot? Standing apart from the crowd can grow a career with an outstanding professional headshot. Headshot portrait photographer and artist Robert Berger has a unique vision. Portraits of Character culminates his vision of 35 years of professional headshot experience(since 1985) along with a blend of photographic styles, vintage classic movie star style headshots, contemporary headshots, and traditional headshots for the most eye catching style. Technical experience though is only part of the headshot portrait process!

Headshot photographer Robert Berger has a distinctive approach to professional headshot portrait photography. He feels each individual should have a distinguishing look while projecting natural character. He motivates, inspires, builds confidence, and brings out the most flattering inner character for each of his clients. The resultant professional headshot inspires confidence and helps grow careers!

See the headshots below. Do you think his style of professional headshot photography can help grow your career!

Houston Professional Headshots That Captivate/ Portraits of Character by Robert Berger
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