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The Passport Photo, Visa Photo Expert! Professional Photography Studio in Houston. 

“Our professional photo studio has superior lighting, camera equipment, and photographers’ knowledge for all passport-visa photos.”  

Passport photos visa photos for any country and specifications created in our professional photo studio that has superior lighting, camera equipment, and photographer’s knowledge since 1985.  Guaranteed acceptance! Photographer Robert Berger takes the business of passport photos visa photos very seriously. He has an international base of executive clients who travel the world that demand his knowledge and experience. Application delays or rejection due to inferior passport photos/visa photos is not an option for them, nor is seeking the lowest rates. Professional Photographer Robert Berger says “We gain new clients through their bad experiences elsewhere. There is no need to settle for an ugly embarrassing photo. I offer a premium passport photo visa photo photography service, so my attention to fine details, including posture, lighting, exposure, exact size, professional equipment, and personal interaction with customers is unsurpassed. It’s gratifying to me to provide photography that eliminates stress for my clients. In addition, everyone gets a passport visa photo they are very happy with.”                           

Highest quality passport photos & visa photos pictures for all countries-all sizes(serving Houston, Katy, Fort Bend Texas).

Our Passport & Visa Photos are Guaranteed to be Accepted!

Please call 281.531.5269 to schedule an appointment, Monday through Friday.

Passport Photos Visa Photos All Countries Guaranteed to be Accepted Houston Katy Clear Lake Fort Bend Texas Portraits Of Character Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger
Passport Photos Visa Photos that look nice!

Many countries have very specific passport photo sizes. We make sure your passport photos are the correct dimensions, as well as background color( all metric sizes).

 Your passport photos are printed to the exact size needed while you are at the studio. It usually takes about 30 minutes to complete(except if we are very busy).

Passport & Visa photos for babies and children too. 

Baby- Infant-newborn-passport-visa-photos-houston-texas Portraits of Character Passport Photos Visa Photos All Countries Innovative Images Photography
Baby- Infant-newborn-passport-visa-photos-houston-texas

Visa photos of all sizes( the digital image file is available at an additional charge).

We have the most photography reviews on Google in the Houston area
for professional photography. 
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We have Google’s highest rating (perfection to extraordinary).

To find out more about Innovative Images Photography feel free to check out our full website at

*Please note-we only specialize in passport-visa photos. We do not process passport applications. For US passport applications contact the US Post Office.

Passport Photos Visa Photos All Countries Guaranteed to be Accepted Houston Katy Clear Lake Fort Bend Texas Portraits Of Character Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger

Passport Photos & Visa Photos For All Countries

Top photo is our work!

Lower photo – another business

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Top photo is our work

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Don’t just listen to us. Here are what people say about us.

Houston Passport Photos Visa Photos Expert! All Countries Guaranteed To Be Accepted!

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Business Hours 10 AM – 5 PM Monday – Friday
11211 Richmond Ave Suite B101, Houston.TX 77082
Please call in advance to discuss your needs
Innovative Images is our full service portrait studio
Appointment Recommended.

Robert Berger is an award-winning photographer- portrait artist whose motto is  “Stunning portrait photography created with expert craftsmanship and experience, preserves the present for the future! Contact portrait artist Robert Berger.  He has the most Google reviews in the Houston area for professional photography as well as a five-star rating. His studio is known for professional headshots, corporate group photography, photo restoration, passport photos, visa photos, family and pet photography. His signature style is glamorous movie star-style portraits from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Established in 1985.  Portraits of Character by Robert Berger and Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger– Copyright 2023 Copying or redistribution of this page is not permitted without written consent by Robert Berger. 

Portraits of Character by Robert Berger and Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger Specializes in the highest quality passport photos in Houston Texas for all countries including, Canadian passport photos, Australian passport photos, german passport photos, France french passport visa photos, Russian passport photos, Malaysian passport photos, Indonesian passport photos, united kingdom passport photos, UK passport photos, Japanese passport photos, china passport photos, India passport photos, Angola passport photos, Canadian immigration photos, US passport photos, United States passport photos, ds-160 photos, Ireland passport photos, Scotland passport photos, Mexico passport photos, Mexico immigration photos, Yemen passport photos, Iran passport photos, Korean passport photos, Nigerian passport photos, US immigration photos, Us citizenship photos, Schengen visa, Netherlands passport photos, Norwegian passport photos, French passport photos. US passport photos, Australia, Canada passport, Canadian immigration, and citizenship photos, United Kingdom, Uk, Japan, Russia, Germany, Malaysia, Yemen, Brazil, Egypt, Singapore, Iran, South Korea, Angola, Poland Polish,  Kenya, China Visa, Saudi, Australia, Poland, Baby Infant Newborn passport photos pictures, electronic passport photos, digital, passport photo, Passport Photos Pictures in Houston, Katy, Fort bend, Green Card Photos, Passport Pictures.