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Houston Family Portrait Photography Studio Portraits with a lasting presence for the future!

                                                The Importance of the professional family portrait! 

For the most important occasions in life, a snapshot from a cell phone or digital camera might be easy, but is it the best way to remember and share that memory into the foreseeable future? Visitors to my office often comment on the magnificence of the wall portraits on display. Each photographic artwork has a tangible presence that gives a feeling that the people in the portrait are actually in the room with us. The impact and feeling these portraits present are very inspiring and heartwarming. It’s incredible that these portraits and the individual’s in them can be admired  and shared with family and loved one’s for many years to come.                      

My style of portraiture is sought by successful individuals who are proud of their achievements, life and family. They realize that no matter how successful, time keeps ticking by and it’s important to make the most of every second of the day. My photography technique is a tribute to an individual’s legacy for future generations to admire.

I encourage you to watch the trailer for The B Side Movie trailer with photographer Elsa Dorfman. You should realize immediately the importance of portrait photography and the magic that only large printed portraits can have.

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